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Can An Automaker Be Held Criminally Liable For Defective Products?

“Toyota’s conduct was shameful,” said the U.S. Attorney General. The automaker “intentionally concealed information and misled the public.” Toyota recently came under fire for publicly lying about prior knowledge of a defect that caused multiple deaths and injuries. This is a rare case in which a defective product has resulted in a criminal case. On top of the criminal charges, Toyota is dealing with multiple federal and state wrongful death suits. Toyota produced roughly 9.4 million automobiles with “sticky” accelerator pedals and floor mats. Consequently, many Toyota owners were injured or died in car accidents caused by unintended acceleration. Despite claiming that they were unaware of the defect, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found that the company was aware of the problem before hand. “Toyota put sales over safety and profit over principle” said an FBI representative. “The disregard Toyota had for the safety of the public is outrageous.”…
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Will Suspending Drivers’ Licenses Prevent DUIs?

Suspending the driver’s license of someone convicted of a DUI is not enough to prevent them from driving. After someone has been drinking, they are less likely to care about their lack of a driver’s license. The executive director of the South Carolina Criminal Victims Council described driver’s license suspension as an “absurd” punishment for a DUI. A new law in the State House Judiciary Committee, Emma’s Law, will mandate the installation of interlocks on the cars of those who have been convicted of a DUI. Until the law is passed, DUI convicts still have the freedom to drive if they are so inclined. For example, according to The State, a 3 year old was riding in a car with his mother to go get pizza on North Springs Road at approximately 10 p.m. on March 7 when a drunk driver swerved into their vehicle. The 44-year-old perpetrator was charged with felony…
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Can I Sue the Government for Causing My Injury?

Call Our Columbia Injury Lawyers to Learn More Did you slip and fall on a poorly maintained sidewalk outside a government building, such as a post office? Were you injured in an auto accident involving a city bus or other government vehicle? If so, you deserve compensation just like any other injury victim. The government is not immune to injury lawsuits from citizens and can be held liable for damages caused by its employees. You may be entitled to file an injury claim against the city, state or federal government, but the process is often more complex and different from other types of injury claims. When I Can Sue the Government for an Injury? The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) permits the government to provide compensation for property loss, injury and wrongful death caused by the negligent actions of government employee acting on behalf of the government. This can allow…
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