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Woman Suing Maternity Center for Causing Her Baby’s Death

A South Carolina woman is suing a Fort Hill maternity center over their inability to provide care for her problematic pregnancy, which resulted in the death of her baby. According to court documents, Katherine Wagner went in to Carolina Community Care Center in March 2013 for a 39-week checkup. While she was there, she experienced painful contractions, but the midwife assured her there was no cause for concern. She was advised to “relax, take a walk and eat some food.” She experienced the same painful contractions for over an hour, and when she returned to the birthing room later that day, the midwife could not detect a fetal heartbeat. At that point, Wagner’s husband took her to the hospital, where the doctors found no “heart or respiratory effort”. The baby died after a cesarean section. Wagner’s suit claims that the midwives should have transferred the mother and baby to “more…
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Who is Responsible for Road Debris?

A 37-year-old Loris man died in a three-vehicle accident on May 19. According to witnesses, a truck pulling a trailer and metal was traveling south on Highway 45 that Monday afternoon when a piece of metal fell off the trailer.  The debris hit another truck that was traveling in the northbound lane, then bounced back into the southbound lane and struck the Loris man’s vehicle. Rudy Shelley, a well-known local man with a wife and several children, was declared dead at the scene of the three-car pileup. The investigation into the crash is still pending. So far, South Carolina Highway Patrol has confirmed that the truck driver will be charged with spilling a load. Residents living along Highway 45 claim that scrap metal debris is a daily concern. The pieces can range anywhere from small metal parts to entire bumpers or fenders. This trash problem could cause major issues for…
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Have You Been Taking a Generic Form of Toprol?

Mumbai-based drug company Wockhardt Ltd is recalling 109,744 bottles of a generic hypertension drug after it failed a dissolution test. The FDA issued a Class II recall for metoprolol succinate, a generic form of the branded drug Toprol, produced by AstraZeneca. Based on FDA standards, a Class II recall is issued when using or being exposed to the product may have temporary or medically reversible effects. In these cases, the probability of serious adverse health conditions is considered remote. The FDA website justifies the recall based on the fact that the drug “Failed Dissolution Specifications: failure of dissolution test observed at nine month time point.” The dissolution test helps determine how long a drug would take to release into the body, which helps predict drug performance. While this drug recall is relatively minor, Wockhardt is already facing some scrutiny for regulatory troubles. Two of their manufacturing units have been banned…
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