Are You Taking Androgel For Low-T?

After the age of 30, men’s testosterone levels decline naturally, resulting in a progressive decrease in fertility and muscle mass. Many middle-aged men misinterpret this natural decline in testosterone levels as an indication of chronic low testosterone and opt for testosterone replacement therapy (TRP).Prescription drug liability lawyers

Androgel, one of the largest manufacturers of testosterone supplements, markets the supplement as a lifestyle drug. As such, many middle-aged men undergo TRP as a means of restoring youthful vigor that they feel they have lost since their 30’s. However, a recent study by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) found a possible link to heart problems.

The VA study analyzed 8,709 men with low testosterone and cardiovascular problems. Fourteen percent of the participants began TRP. Over the course of three years, those participants undergoing TRP had a 5.8 percent chance increase of stroke, heart attack and even death.

A subsequent study compared men taking Viagra and Cialis with men undergoing TRP. After 90 days of TRP, researchers found a 36 percent increase in risk of heart attack. Furthermore, for participants 65 years or older, risk of heart attack increased by 90 percent.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently investigating TRP supplements to determine whether or not a warning label should be added. The FDA “urge[s] health care professional and patients to report side effects involving prescription testosterone products,” according to their most recent safety announcement. Thus far, the FDA has not found sufficient evidence to warrant a safety label.

I Take Androgel And Have Felt Chest Pain, What Do I Do?

Men undergoing TRP who have experienced cardiovascular problems since beginning treatment should contact their doctor immediately. After speaking to a doctor, reach out to an experienced lawyer who can handle the complex litigation necessary for taking on a large pharmaceutical company.

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