Can Testosterone Therapy Affect Me Psychologically?

Image of Elderly ManTestosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is being widely and aggressively marketed as a “cure all” to certain unpleasant symptoms of male aging. Commercials, print ads and waiting room literature all advertise the drug’s ability to boost energy, improve sexual interest and function and help patients retain muscle mass.

Several independent studies have uncovered side effects that contradict the glowing testimonials of drug manufacturers. TRT has been found to exacerbate heart disease, cause blood clots and increase the risk of brain damage in certain patients.

Hormones affect your body, but they affect your brain as well.Results from a recent study may prove that TRT can cause harmful psychological effects both during and after treatment.

Psychological Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Most men notice an increase in aggression after they begin testosterone therapy. Other patients report feeling paranoid, anxious or “out of sorts” (meaning lightheaded or confused) while undergoing treatment.

Testosterone affects the body like many other drugs. After the initial hormone fluctuation, the body adjusts to the new levels and generates less testosterone to compensate.

If a TRT patient stops the treatment unexpectedly or without proper supervision, his testosterone level can crash, causing him to experience traumatic “withdrawal” symptoms. Participants in the study reported decreased energy, pain, irritability and depression after they stopped undergoing treatment.

More importantly, patients were more likely to perceive problems with physical and sexual performance after a round of TRT, and attribute those problems to a hormone deficiency.

Patients can become physically and psychologically “addicted” to testosterone, causing them to feel like they cannot perform without it. In June, a 40-year-old TRT patient and husband to a famous model committed suicide after he abruptly ended a two-year testosterone regimen.

Drug companies are more than willing to exploit older men looking for a “quick fix”, even if it puts their lives in danger. At Proffitt & Cox, we know how to hold drug companies accountable for their irresponsible and misleading marketing tactics.

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