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Looking For An Attorney In Charleston, South Carolina?

Much of Charleston, South Carolina‚Äôs unique ante-bellum charm is owed to its unique location and role in United States history. British colonists founded Charleston in 1670, and, in the following centuries, the port city grew considerably as a shipping hub for rice, cotton and indigo. During the Civil War, the Union navy bombarded the harbor, economically crippling the city. Because they lacked the resources to completely rebuild the city, Charleston residents used their limited capital to repair the damaged buildings, which preserved early American architectural styles for generations to come. Roughly 4.51 million tourists from all around the world journey to Charleston every year to enjoy the unique historical architectural wonders of the past, generating $3.22 billion in revenue for the city. After the construction of the Navy Yard at the turn of the 20th century, Charleston became a major industrial center, which fueled its development into the modern age….
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