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Looking For An Attorney In Florence, South Carolina?

Florence, South Carolina was originally founded as a railway station where the Wilmington & Manchester, North Eastern and Cheraw & Darlington lines met. The former purchased a modest lot of five acres in 1853 to build a depot and the town grew from there. The original city limits were a circle with a one-mile radius; the center point can still be seen today. Military supplies passed through Florence in large numbers during the Civil War, and injured troops were taken care of at Florenceā€™s Wayside Hospital. Slowly, the town grew to a sizeable population of 700. The city expanded considerably during World War I and subsequent decades to an area of over 10,000 acres. Though the railway is not used as heavily these days, a regional airport keeps Florence relevant as a transportation terminal. Today, Florence houses 37,000 people within its 21.5 square mile city limits. There are nearly 4,000…
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