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Driver Sentenced for Fatal Hit and Run

A Greenville man is facing 10 years in prison for causing a hit-and-run crash that killed one passenger and injured three others. In July 2013, two married couples were returning from a music event, Fridays by the Fountain, when their golf cart was rear-ended by a burgundy Pontiac. The driver fled the scene, but the police arrested him the following morning. A 75-year-old woman visiting from Tennessee died at the scene after suffering blunt force trauma to the head, neck and chest. The other three riders were taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital for treatment and were listed in fair to serious condition. The reckless driver was charged with three counts of a hit and run resulting in injury and one charge of a hit and run resulting in death. He has been sentenced to 10 years for each offense, set to run concurrently. Drivers flee the scene for a number…
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Logging Truck Narrowly Avoids Fuel Tanker, Spills Logs Across Highway

Traffic on I-25 was clogged for hours on May 22 after a logging truck almost hit a loaded fuel tanker, spilling massive logs across the road. The driver of the logging truck, 60-year-old Dennis Gowan, said that he had never been at fault for an accident until that day. According to Gowan, he went to move around a smaller truck that was exiting right on the freeway when the accident occurred. “Because of that outside turn, I couldn’t see the tanker behind me in my left-hand mirror, so I thought I had a clear left hand lane, I never hit my brakes,” Gowan reported. His carelessness cost him dearly, leaving the driver with a tough decision about which vehicle to hit. “I picked the lesser of two evils, hit that little trailer instead of the tanker,” Gowan states. “I’d have turned it into the woods before I hit a gas…
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Looking For An Attorney In Greenville, South Carolina?

Greenville, South Carolina was originally founded by Richard Pearis in the 1770’s as a plantation located on the banks of the Reedy River, near what today would be downtown Greenville. During the Revolutionary War, Pearis and his men sided with the British and lost, causing their land to be redistributed to victorious colonists. Despite its Union-leaning political stance, Greenville voted to secede in 1860, and became a supply center for the Confederate Army. During the early 20th century, Greenville became known as the Textile Center of the South. After some stagnation in the mid 20th century, Greenville exploded throughout the 1980’s and 90’s. Today, Greenville is a bustling city with a metropolitan population of 842,853 residents. Local Greenville citizens can enjoy live theatre at the Peace Center, Warehouse Theatre and Center Stage, or see a baseball game at Fluor Field, home of the Greenville Drive. Popular annual festivals include Euphoria…
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