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Looking For an Attorney in North Augusta, South Carolina?

The town of North Augusta, South Carolina overlooks Augusta, Georgia across the Savannah River. The area has been occupied by a number of previous towns, first as a British trading post known as Savannah Town.  The town was later abandoned when inhabitants left for Georgia. With the rise of cotton, Hamburg, Savannah Town’s replacement, rose to prominence because it was connected to the railway leading to Charleston. Hamburg crumbled amidst post-civil war social unrest and was replaced by the North Augusta that we know and love today. North Augusta, or South Carolina’s Riverfront as it is often known, has a population of approximately 20,000 inhabitants in the Aiken County area. A number of very important industries are housed in North Augusta, including both nuclear defense materials and tissues. North Augustans can get around town with the Best Friend Express, the Aiken County public transportation system. The transit system lives up…
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