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Should I take pictures at the scene?

You should take photographs or video of the scene if possible. Take photos of the damaged vehicles and their location. If you do not have a camera available at the scene, take photos of your damaged vehicle later. If the vehicles are towed, ask the officer to give you the name and address of the towing or storage company so that you or your lawyer can take photos as needed later. Collecting this information will enable you to more accurately recall any details of your accident during trial, as well as help you provide information to your attorney.

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Is the insurance company required to make me a fair offer?

The insurance company is required by law to act in good faith and in a reasonable manner when it processes, investigates and pays your claim. However, you should know that insurance adjusters are professionals trained to offer you a low settlement and convince you to accept it. Insurance companies have spent many years and countless dollars in advertising to convince the public that they are in your corner. The better adjusters are trained to appear friendly and helpful, as if they are working for you, when in fact they are working for the insurance company and their goal is to pay you as little as possible. It is important to talk to a lawyer before accepting a quick settlement offer from the insurance company.

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What if I am partially at fault for a car crash?

If you believe you are partially at fault for a wreck, you should still not apologize or admit any wrongdoing to anyone else at the scene. Collisions can happen so quickly that you may not be sure what happened. You may not have noticed if the other driver was using a cell phone, was driving while impaired or was traveling at an unsafe speed at the time of the wreck. You may not have noticed that road conditions, other motorists or other factors may have contributed to the wreck. Take some time to think the situation over and allow investigators to determine who made the mistake. If investigators determine that you are at partial fault for a car crash, you may still be able to collect some compensation. Talk to our lawyers to learn more.

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