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What if I do not have transportation to get to my doctor’s appointments?

If you do not have transportation to get to the doctor or therapy appointments scheduled by the insurance carrier, upon request made in advance, the insurance carrier is required to provide you with transportation to the appointment.

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Why do we have workers’ compensation? Why can’t I just sue my employer?

In the mid- to late 1800s, as the Industrial Age inexorably drew people off the farms and into factories where working conditions were often hazardous, the law of negligence slowly developed to allow workers to sue their employers in a court of law. But employees were often left to fend for themselves while a lawsuit slowly proceeded in court, while employers were faced with expensive, time-consuming lawsuits by workers. By the 1940s, most states had enacted workers’ compensation statutes. There was a tradeoff under these statutes. Employees lost the right to freely sue their employer in court for on-the-job injuries (which benefited employers) and employers had to provide workers’ compensation coverage to provide medical treatment and compensation quickly and efficiently to injured employees (which benefited employees). Under today’s laws, an employee usually cannot sue his or her employer in court for a work-related injury, but is limited to the exclusive…
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Can I still get worker’s compensation even if it is my fault that I got hurt on the job?

In most cases, the fact that you might have been negligent or careless and were therefore partially at fault for your own injury does not prevent you from making a claim for worker’s compensation. The worker’s compensation system is there to provide medical care and compensation for injured workers, so you should not hesitate to make your claim even if you feel that your injury would not have happened if you had been more careful. There are certain exceptions that apply, including situations in which your injury was caused by you being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Contact one of our attorneys to discuss the circumstances of your injury and your right to pursue a claim.

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