Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Affect Women and Children?

Image of Elderly ManTestosterone replacement therapy offers to help older men suffering from decreased muscle mass, fatigue and lack of sexual interest recover some of their youth and vitality. As the controversial hormone procedure gets more and more popular, doctors and researchers work to warn potential users about the treatment’s numerous health risks.

Drug companies continue to aggressively market testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), despite lawsuits from numerous heart attack and stroke victims and an ongoing investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Everyone knows the patient faces serious health risks, but most people do not know that women and children can also suffer from testosterone exposure.

Testosterone Exposure in Women and Children

Many testosterone products are absorbed through the skin, including topical ointments, testosterone gels, even nasal spray. Users can accidentally leave traces of the gel behind on clothing, towels, doorknobs and countertops.

Family members can even be exposed through contact with the treated area (typically armpits or hands). If that happens, they can experience serious and harmful side effects.

In children, testosterone exposure can lead to “inappropriate virilization.” The chemical cocktail can drastically affect children’s hormones, resulting in premature body hair growth, aggressive behavior and “bone aging” (when children stop growing prematurely).

Women can be equally affected by the treatment, suffering from hair loss, fluid retention, deepening of the voice and diminished breast size. In addition, testosterone exposure while nursing or during pregnancy could harm the fetus.

Lawsuits and studies are accumulating against testosterone replacement therapy, indicating that the controversial treatment may not be worth the risk. Despite the evidence, drug companies continue to push it through advertising and doctor referrals, because it helps their bottom line.

Drug companies do not have the right to disregard your health. If you or a loved one has experienced harmful effects from testosterone replacement therapy, call Proffitt & Cox for a free consultation. Our lawyers have years of experience defending victims of pharmaceutical injury, and we know how to fight for you.

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