How Can I Avoid a Motorcycle Accident?

Injury Attorneys Want Columbia Bikers to Stay Safe

car accident crashA disproportionate number of motorcyclists end up in emergency rooms for injuries resulting from vehicle collisions every year. Motorcycles make up a small portion of all vehicles on the road, but their riders are frequently involved in serious and fatal accidents with cars and trucks. Numerous causes contribute to motorcycle wrecks, including mistakes committed by the drivers of other vehicles. Anyone operating a vehicle on the road should understand how to keep the roads safe for motorcyclists.

How Motorcyclists Can Avoid Wrecks

Negligent drivers of other vehicles often cause motorcycle crashes, and therefore, bikers must take certain safety measures to limit the likelihood that collisions will occur. These safety precautions do not alleviate the responsibly of the car drivers or make the biker responsible if an accident does occur. Bikers should be aware of these common causes of motorcycle accidents to avoid drivers who are not paying attention, drivers who are texting or drivers who are intoxicated. Some examples of what bikers can do to reduce their chances of crashes by negligent drivers include:

  • Be aware of vehicles’ blind spots – Drivers commonly do not see motorcycles because they forget to check their blind spots before merging or turning. Failure to check a blind spot before changing lanes is unlawful and negligent driving, but this behavior is a common cause of accidents. As a motorcycle rider, you may be able to prevent many accidents by staying out of potential blind spots of other drivers. Never assume another driver can see you—in fact, assume they cannot or will not see you.
  • Make yourself apparent to other drivers – If you are in a potentially hazardous situation, make sure other drivers know you are there. For example, if you stop at a stop light and another car pulls up behind you, tap your brake lever to flash your brake lights to make other drivers more aware of you. Consider wearing bright clothing, such as jackets or helmets with lights or reflective materials at night.
  • Drive in a safe and predictable manner – Many drivers have difficulty discerning a motorcycle’s speed, which can lead to crashes. Maintain a constant, safe speed as often as possible, especially when going through intersections. Do not split lanes or share lanes with other bikers, and make sure to slow down when making turns.

How Other Drivers can Avoid Motorcycle Wrecks

Above all else, other drivers must be considerate of motorcycles on the road. This means car drivers need to be aware of smaller vehicles and give them enough space to maneuver. Always err on the side of caution. Remain a safe distance behind motorcycles and give them plenty of room to slow down or make a turn.

Need to Talk to Attorneys Who Handle Motorcycle Accidents?

At Proffitt & Cox, LLP, safety is our first priority. Our injury attorneys in South Carolina know that motorcycle crashes can be terrifying and we hope you never have to experience the pain and suffering that accompanies such an incident. However, if you were hurt in a serious auto accident caused by another driver, we have the knowledge and resources to pursue compensation for your medical expenses and money for your injuries and other damages. Our injury lawyers offer free consultations at our Columbia office, and we do not accept payment unless we secure a favorable result. Call us today and to find out what to do next.


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