Is Texting-While-Driving Illegal In South Carolina?

South Carolina has a chance to extend the ban on texting-while-driving, which began as a series of municipal ordinances, into state law with three new bills: one in the house and two in the senate. For over a year, city ordinances banning texting-while-driving have popped up in South Carolina cities like Columbia, Camden, West Union, Greenville and Charleston. Two of the bills will simply ban texting-while-driving, and a third prohibits all mobile phone use in school zones with flashing lights.

Car Crash with Bus“The school zone [bill] was because I had a law enforcement officer come to me and tell me that he saw a child almost killed by a parent who was in a school zone and was not paying attention because they were on the phone,” said the sponsoring senator. Previous legislative attempts to ban texting-while-driving failed because the measures were found to be difficult to enforce.

The sponsoring senator said that enforcement is not the end goal. “The goal is to help encourage behavior and by passing this law we’ll encourage behavior that is safer for people on the roadways and, ultimately, that’s what we ought to be trying to achieve, not punishing people, not writing more tickets.”

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