Logging Truck Narrowly Avoids Fuel Tanker, Spills Logs Across Highway

Traffic on I-25 was clogged for hours on May 22 after a logging truck almost hit a loaded fuel tanker, spilling massive logs across the road.

trucking-accidentsThe driver of the logging truck, 60-year-old Dennis Gowan, said that he had never been at fault for an accident until that day.

According to Gowan, he went to move around a smaller truck that was exiting right on the freeway when the accident occurred.

“Because of that outside turn, I couldn’t see the tanker behind me in my left-hand mirror, so I thought I had a clear left hand lane, I never hit my brakes,” Gowan reported.

His carelessness cost him dearly, leaving the driver with a tough decision about which vehicle to hit.

“I picked the lesser of two evils, hit that little trailer instead of the tanker,” Gowan states. “I’d have turned it into the woods before I hit a gas tanker, take my chance with the trees,” he added.

The reckless truck driver was cited with driving too fast for conditions. While the driver was thankful that no one was injured, the accident still cost thousands of dollars in damages and caused major traffic delays. I-25 opened back up after three hours, when the investigation and cleanup was complete.

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