Orange Juice Contaminates South Carolina Swamp Due to Trucking Accident

In some trucking accidents, the cargo can do just as much damage as the collision. Even seemingly safe materials could leak out and damage the environment, the roadway or other cars in the accident.

trucking-accidentsIn local news, police reported that 300 gallons of orange juice leaked into a South Carolina swamp after a serious trucking accident on June 6.

Based on evidence at the scene, investigators concluded that excessive speed caused the truck to drive off I-95 near Yemasee, and hit over a dozen trees before plunging into an embankment. First responders found the truck on its side with heavy damage to the cab, and the truck’s cargo rapidly leaking into the swamp.

The truck driver, a 63-year-old Florida man, and a female passenger suffered several serious injuries. Both were transported to the hospital for treatment.

While the leak may seem inconsequential because it was only orange juice, the spill still introduced a foreign contaminant into the environment. A spill of 300 gallons is always significant, no matter what the substance.

Oftentimes, tractor-trailers are carrying more than popular breakfast beverages. On June 3, a reckless truck driver was speeding and lost control, spilling 18 tons of human waste along the highway. Only luck and the quick response of cleanup crews kept the spill from having a catastrophic environmental impact.

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