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Columbia Injury Lawyers Protect Victims of Catastrophic Personal Injuries

Individuals and businesses across South Carolina have relied on the Columbia injury attorneys of Proffitt & Cox, LLP to help them in their time of need with a number of serious legal matters. If you or someone you love does not know where to turn or how to begin learning about your legal rights, contact the South Carolina injury lawyers of Proffitt & Cox, LLP today by calling us locally at (803) 834-7097 or toll free at (877) 276-0533. By focusing on practicing law with a caring approach to personal injury, attorneys David Proffitt and Ron Cox are able to work with those struggling with the following:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: This includes upholding the rights of those injured because of drunk or distracted drivers, as well as individuals seriously hurt in motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents due to negligence.
  • Trucking Accidents: When you or a loved one suffers catastrophic injuries in a trucking accident caused by negligence, you may be able to gain financial compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering. The South Carolina injury lawyers of Proffitt & Cox, LLP can help you determine truck accident liability as well as guide you about what to do after a truck accident.
  • On-the-Job Injuries: When hard-working individuals sustain injuries because of an accident at a job site or construction site, they may be entitled to seek benefits and compensation from workers compensation as well as by filing third party claims.
  • Medical Malpractice: If you or someone you love suffered injuries due to a misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis, surgical or medication error, you may be the victim of medical malpractice. If your newborn suffered serious birth injuries, you and your family may also have a medical malpractice case against negligent medical professionals or hospitals.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Slip and falls can occur when property owners are negligent about maintaining their premises, or if they do not take measures to prevent unreasonable dangers. This negligence can cause you or a family member to suffer serious as well as life-altering injuries, such as brain injuries, burn injuries and back and neck injuries.
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect: All individuals, no matter what their age, deserve to be treated with respect. The Columbia injury lawyers at Proffitt & Cox, LLP believe that the families of elderly individuals who suffer from bedsores, malnutrition as well as other acts of abuse and neglect while in nursing homes or live-in care facilities deserve the ability to seek justice for their serious injuries.
  • Wrongful Death: If a loved one’s involvement in a fatal accident was the result of negligence by another individual or business, the surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the careless parties for damages such a funeral costs, medical expenses, grief, sorrow, loss of companionship and more.
  • Drug Injury and Pharmaceutical Litigation: When drug manufacturers or distributors cause harm to consumers because of unsafe or defective medicine or medical devices, victims of drug injuries and their families may be able to secure compensation for their medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. The South Carolina injury attorneys of Proffitt & Cox, LLP can provide you with more information about recent drug alerts during a free consultation of your drug injury claim.
  • Class Action Lawsuits: When a widespread issue affects many consumers or businesses, they may have the ability to join a class action lawsuit against the responsible party. The Columbia injury attorneys of Proffitt & Cox, LLP have experience investigating class action cases and fighting on behalf of large groups of victims to secure the justice they deserve.
  • Mass Tort Litigation: Proffitt & Cox, LLP is highly experienced in mass tort litigation, where a large group of individuals suffers harm due to exposure to toxic substances, involvement in a large scale disaster or suffers injuries due to defective product. Many times these case are handled through multi-district litigation (MDL) in which numerous claims are consolidated before one court for coordinated proceedings. Our Columbia injury lawyers are experienced in multi-district litigation and have many years of experience in mass tort cases.
  • Insurance Disputes: Insurance providers agree to provide coverage for the claims you file with your policy. When providers unjustly deny a claim, cancel coverage or purposely delay a claim, they may have acted in bad faith. Insured individuals can use the law to make sure insurers keep their contractual promises. Our South Carolina injury lawyers work on behalf of these individuals and their families, so that they can receive the compensation they deserve after insurance disputes.
  • Business Litigation: A contract is a promise, and breaking that promise can have devastating consequences for people who were counting on those they do business with to keep their word. The business litigation lawyers of Proffitt & Cox, LLP are experienced in all types of breach of contract cases and other types of business disputes, including construction law. We present individuals, small businesses and large companies in business litigation matters, as well as those wishing to whistleblow on negligent government practices.