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A breach of contract is when one party to a verbal or written agreement does not perform his or her part of the agreement to the extent that is required by law. At Proffitt & Cox, we handle a wide variety of breach of contract cases throughout South Carolina, for individuals and businesses. Whether at the negotiating table or in the courtroom, our Columbia business litigation attorneys seek to help our clients find a just and efficient solution to claims for breach of contract and other business disputes.

We have significant experience in business disputes related to banking, real estate transaction, construction projects, commercial leases, product warranties, other services, and the relationships between shareholders, partners, and owners in various types of business entities. If you are ready to talk to us about a breach of contract, fraud, or other business dispute, please call (803) 834-7097 to schedule a confidential, free consultation.

What Constitutes Breach of Contract?

Common examples of breach of contract include:

  • Failure to meet a “material term” of the agreement, such as timely delivery or delivery of a certain quality of goods
  • Failure to properly perform the duties outlined in the agreement
  • Refusal to perform
  • Anticipatory breach, where one party tells the other party that it will not be performing under the contract

The kinds of damages or other remedies available depend on the nature of the contract that was breached. In some cases, you may be able to seek specific performance of the contract, obtain an injunction, or even possibly recover attorneys fees in addition to damages that compensate you for your loss. In appropriate cases the court can cancel/rescind the contract or reform its terms to better suit the current situation.

In some situations, a breach of contract may also have occurred in conjunction with other legal causes of action such as negligent misrepresentation, fraud or unfair trade practices. Our attorney have years of experience in business litigation claims and can offer advice on the proper claims to assert.

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