Mass Tort Litigation

Our Columbia Injury Attorneys File Mass Torts for Victims

Matters such as defective medications, defective products or large-scale disasters can affect an enormous number of people. A large volume of lawsuits by individuals who have suffered injury as result of a common event or use of the same defective product is referred to as a mass tort.

Handling mass tort cases is a unique challenge that is very different than the handling of an individual case such as a routine automobile accident. The amount of potential liability in mass torts often leads the responsible company or party to vigorously defend the claims, to strenuously resist production of the evidence that will establish their liability, and to raise complex legal and procedural roadblocks to the successful pursuit of the litigation. Often times the cases involve the review and analysis of hundreds of thousands or millions of pages of documents or electronic data in order to obtain the evidence that will prove the defendant’s culpability. Leading experts in the fields of medicine, epidemiology, engineering or other scientific disciplines are usually retained by the counsel on both sides to analyze the mountains of evidence and testify as expert witnesses. Many times mass tort claims are filed in numerous state and federal courts, and the handling of the claims may benefit from coordination and cooperation among the counsel involved in cases throughout the country. Mass tort cases are often consolidated for pretrial handling before a particular judge in an MDL, or Multi-District Litigation.

At Proffitt & Cox, LLP, our Columbia injury lawyers have experience with multi-district litigation (MDL) and mass tort claims. We have previously successfully represented clients in a number of mass tort claims including those involving prescriptions medications such as Fen-Phen and Vioxx, claims involving medical devices, and claims related to various consumer or industrial products. We offer effective and compassionate legal representation for victims of injuries and other events, and can provide the personal attention each case requires. Our South Carolina injury lawyers know how to use the law to get you the compensation you deserve for your civil claim.

What Are Mass Torts? How Do They Differ from Class Actions?

A mass tort is a civil action carried out by a group of individuals against a single individual or organization. These individuals may all suffer the same or similar harm because of the negligence of the defendant. Much like a class action, these cases often involve victims filing suits against a manufacturer of a defective product or a company that committed unfair business acts. While some issues affecting great numbers of individuals may be filed in a single class action lawsuit against the offending individual or party, in many cases large numbers of people similarly affected by a defective product or who are involved in airline crash or other large scale accident may need to file individual lawsuits to pursue compensation for their injuries. In class actions, one or more victims act a class representative bringing a single case on behalf of the larger group of victims. In mass tort scenario, large groups of people are affected but each files their own individual lawsuit.

These claimants may utilize the services of the same attorney or law firm to represent them, which can result in being more cost-effective as a result of the ability in some cases for expenses associated with obtaining and analyzing evidence to be shared across claims. This ensures that no one individual claim incurs all of the expenses for gathering the evidence and proving the case.

Mass Tort Litigation Provided by Our Columbia Injury Attorneys

Many injury victims throughout South Carolina and the nation have sought the support of Proffitt & Cox, LLP for multi-district litigation after sustaining serious damages. Our South Carolina injury attorneys know how to hold negligent parties liable for the harm they inflicted on you and your family. We offer dedicated legal assistance throughout the process, and will address any concerns you have about your ability to seek compensation by filing a mass tort case.

Even in mass torts, in which our law firm may represent dozens or hundreds of individuals with similar claims, we will treat each client with the compassion. We understand that each claim involved in a particular mass tort litigation is unique in that the damages suffered by a particular client are unique to them and may differ significantly from those suffered by other users of the product. You can be certain we will listen to your needs and work to earn you a significant recovery for your case. Contact our South Carolina mass tort law firm today by calling locally at (803) 834-7097 or toll free at (877) 276-0533 to speak with an attorney about a mass tort lawsuit.