Medication Errors

Our Columbia Injury Attorneys Know the Hazards of Adverse Drug Events

About one million medication errors occur every year, which also leads to the wrongful deaths of approximately 7,000 patients annually. Preventable medication errors frequently cause adverse drug events. When negligent medical professionals and hospitals commit careless drug mistakes, patients may suffer from additional health problems that professionals acting with a proper standard of medical care would have avoided. The Columbia injury lawyers at Proffitt & Cox, LLP know the effects of medication errors, and offer victims of this harmful form of medical malpractice experienced legal representation for their cases.

What Are Medication Errors? How Do They Occur?

Medication errors happen when preventable events cause medications to be used improperly. These errors can cause adverse drug events, in which a patient experiences a harmful reaction to medication. Different types of medication errors exist, including the following:

  • Recording a wrong dosage on the prescription
  • Prescribing a medication that reacts to a patient’s medical condition or other drugs
  • Administering an incorrect amount of a medication
  • Equipment that administers a drug malfunctions
  • Medication is administered to the wrong patient or at the wrong time

Most medication errors occur in doctors’ offices, pharmacies, nursing homes as well as hospitals and are often the fault of health care providers. Medication errors are frequently the result of the following events:

  • Poor communication between health care providers, such as a doctor and a pharmacy
  • Inadequate communication between medical professionals and their patients
  • Illegible prescriptions, or unclear directions
  • Confusions about medication names or medical abbreviations

Many of these medication errors can be prevented by improving communication between all those involved. However, some argue that hospitals are not encouraged to limit these mistakes, because patients frequently endure the financial costs of medication errors. Victims of drug errors are often forced to pay for their own surgeries to repair the damages they suffered due to medication errors, because most are unaware of their legal right to compensation. This means that drug error victims do not threaten hospital profits, and therefore, hospitals do not have any incentives to change their standards of care.

What You Can Do About Medication Errors

Health care providers must understand that medication errors are just as serious as any other form of medical malpractice. These mistakes may force patients to seek additional medical treatment as well as suffer from additional problems. Health care providers must accept responsibility for this damage.

Our Columbia injury lawyers have recovered significant amounts of compensation for victims of medication errors and drug injury. We work diligently to get each client the necessary recovery they deserve for medical expenses, lost wages in addition to pain and suffering. If you suffered from a medication error caused by a negligent health care provider, contact our South Carolina injury attorneys by phone locally at (803) 834-7097 or toll free at (877) 276-0533 to schedule a free personal injury consultation.