Drunk Driver and Distracted Driver Accidents

Columbia Injury Attorneys Know the Dangers of Distracted and Drunk Driving

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well as driving while distracted are two dangerous behaviors that can easily lead to serious and fatal car accidents. Both activities limit the driver’s ability to notice and react to others sharing the roadways, such as nearby vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. All too often, these negligent driving habits can cause fatal accidents. Victims of drunk driving and distracted driving may need a lifetime of medical care, and can lose their ability to continue working for a short period after the accident or even permanently.  Drunk driving also subjects the at fault driver to claims for punitive damages to punish their illegal, dangerous behavior.

Many motor vehicle accident victims and their families have placed their trust in Proffitt & Cox, LLP. Our Columbia injury attorneys work tirelessly to ensure victims of auto accidents receive the recoveries they deserve when the negligent actions of another causes you or someone you love to become involved in a serious accident.

Drunk Driving Causing Serious Car Accidents

Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) causes the wrongful deaths of thousands of individuals each year and injures even more. Alcohol impairs judgment, and can easily cause drivers to make life-threatening mistakes on the road.

Drunk driving is not just a negligent behavior – it is also illegal. Intoxication due to alcohol is measured by testing an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The legal BAC limit for most drivers over the age of 21 is 0.08 percent. For commercial drivers, the legal BAC is 0.04 percent.

Distracted Driving Causing Severe Car Crashes

Studies suggest that certain types of distracted driving may be more dangerous than motorists who drive while drunk. Drivers spend significant amounts of time in the car and want to make their commutes more productive, but engaging in multiple tasks can limit the ability of drivers to focus on the road. Eating, drinking and lighting a cigarette are all traditional methods of distraction.

However, new technologies, particularly cell phones, also give individuals the opportunity to engage in activities that can distract them from driving. Texting while driving is extremely dangerous, since drivers take their eyes off the road for several seconds each time they read or respond to messages. Motorists who choose to text, use social media, or other applications while driving put others as well as themselves in danger.

We Help Victims of Negligent Drivers

Auto accidents caused by drunk driving and distracted driving can have life-altering consequences for victims. If a drunk driver or texting driver caused you to suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident, we can help determine if their negligent actions are at fault. Our Columbia injury lawyers may be able to work on your behalf to ensure you receive a recovery from those responsible for your injuries. Contact our South Carolina injury attorneys today by calling us at our local phone number at (803) 834-7097 or toll free at (877) 276-0533 for a free consultation about your situation.