Columbia Worker’s Comp Injury Lawyers

South Carolina Injury Lawyers Help with On-the-Job Injuries

Our Columbia law firm is focused on helping workers throughout South Carolina with legal issues related to workers’ compensation. We offer free initial consultations where our Columbia workers’ compensation attorneys can discuss the details of your on-the-job injury.  We can also answer any questions you may have regarding your rights:

  • Can I choose my own doctor?
  • Have I waited too long to file my claim?
  • Am I required to go back to work before I have been released by my doctor?
  • How long will it take to file a workers’ compensation claim?
  • What benefits are available to me?

In South Carolina, workers’ compensation laws provide a number of benefits to injured workers, including free medical treatment for your injury, disability payments while you are out of work, and compensation for permanent physical impairment that remains after you are released by the doctor.

Many injured workers who are not represented by a workers’ compensation lawyer are unaware that they may be entitled to additional compensation for permanent injury even if they are able to return to work. Even if your employer or their insurance company has offered you a settlement, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney about whether the settlement provides fair compensation.

Further, under South Carolina worker’s compensation law, fault does not matter. This means that claimants are not required to prove that their employer was at fault for the injury and may receive benefits even if the employee’s own carelessness caused the on-the-job injury.

Sometimes It’s Not Only a Workers’ Compensation Issue

People who have been injured on the job sometimes think of workers’ compensation as the only solution, but the truth is that you may have more legal options than you think. As experienced attorneys, we help you explore every legal option available to you. Sometimes this means bringing a personal injury lawsuit against a third-party, like a subcontractor on your job site or a company that made a defective product.

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