Workers Compensation

Our Columbia Injury Lawyers Help Individuals with On-the-Job Injuries

On-the-job injuries can force employees out of work while recovering from their injuries or occupational diseases. Paying expensive medical fees while not earning income from work can derail even the most carefully planned household budgets, and leave workers stranded with financial troubles.

Workers compensation exists to aid employees in these distressing situations. This program provides state-mandated insurance to workers who suffer from injuries while on the job. Employees receive benefit payouts when these injuries occur, so that they can recover and financially adapt without fearing their medical expenses. Workers compensation is crucial to many South Carolinians, and our Columbia injury attorneys ensure that these employees receive the benefits they deserve.

Besides the benefits of workers comp, other parties may be responsible to pay compensation to an injured worker. These are called “third-party claims.” Some people injured on the job are completely unaware they have this legal right to a third-party claim, which is why seeking qualified legal counsel after an injury is crucial.

Workers Compensation Coverage and Benefits

According to the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission, which administers workers comp law, most employees in the Palmetto state have workers compensation coverage. Notable exceptions include federal employees in South Carolina, agricultural employees as well as railroad and railway express companies and their employees.

For those covered, workers compensation pays for necessary medical treatments, lost wages while the employee is unable to work in addition to compensation for any permanent disability or disfigurement. An employee that is not able to return to work for more than one week may receive two-thirds of his or her average wage. If the worker is out of work for more than 14 days, the employee is eligible to receive compensation starting from the date of the injury.

Employees should immediately report any on-the-job injury to their employer. Once the employer receives notification of the injury, the employer or a representative of the company has ten days to report the accident to the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission, which then monitors the compensation received by the worker.

Appealing a Rejected Workers Compensation Claim

A number of situations may require an employee to seek legal action for a workers compensation claim:

  • If the employer fails to report the accident
  • If the employer denies the employee sustained the injury during work time
  • If the employee believes he or she did not receive the appropriate benefits
  • If the employer and employee do not reach an agreement about the necessary compensation within 14 days, or if a subsequent compensation disagreement occurs

The Commission also hears workers compensation appeals. The employer will prepare a strong legal defense for this hearing, and workers should seek the assistance of our South Carolina injury lawyers to ensure they receive a fair fight.

Ensure Your Workers Compensation Claim is Successful

At Proffitt & Cox, LLP, our South Carolina injury attorneys have many years of experience representing injured workers and their families. Make sure you have an opportunity to secure your workers comp claim or appeal by contacting our Columbia law firm today locally at (803) 834-7097 or toll free at (877) 276-0533. We can answer any questions you may have about the workers comp process and your ability to gain benefits.