Truck Accident Liability

Columbia Injury Lawyers Assist Victims of Big Rig Accidents

Tractor-trailer accidents are among the most dangerous collisions that occur on our roadways. When owners and drivers of commercial trucks do not conform to required standards, the consequences can be deadly. Truck accident liability may seem difficult to determine, but our Columbia injury attorneys know how to pursue compensation effectively from those responsible.

Who is Liable after a Truck Accident?

One of the most difficult aspects of semi truck accident litigation is determining who is responsible. Truck accident cases may involve a number of defendants that may try to blame each other or even the truck accident victims. Defendants may include:

  • Truck Driver
    • Driver errors are a common cause of truck accidents. Trucking companies may push their drivers too far with strict shipping deadlines. This amount of work may contribute to stress, fatigue and inattentiveness that can lead to accidents. In many cases, the trucking company is liable for driver errors. However, if the driver was on a personal errand unrelated to the job, the truck driver is likely responsible.
  • Trucking Company that Employs the Driver
    • Trucking companies must employ competent drivers and follow all federal regulations to limit the risk of accidents. If truck drivers cause accidents while on duty, if the company fails to follow regulations, or does not provide the proper training for the driver, the trucking company may be liable.
  • Truck or Trailer’s Owner
    • The individual or company leasing the equipment must properly maintain its fleet of trucks and trailers to prevent crashes.
  • Manufacturer of the Vehicle, Engine Parts, Tires or Other Parts
    • If a manufacturer supplies a truck owner with faulty parts that contribute to a collision, the manufacturer may be responsible.
  • Shipper of the Goods in the Truck
    • If the shipper places excess or uneven weight in the truck or otherwise fails to load the trailer correctly, this may cause an accident.

The number of defendants can make a truck accident case complex. For example, if the trucking company claims brake failure caused the accident, the brake company may blame the truck owner for not maintaining the brakes, which could have caused them to fail.

Find a South Carolina Injury Attorney for Truck Accident Victims

Semi trucks can cause severe injuries and fatal accidents. These enormous vehicles leave victims with costly medical bills. If you suffered injuries from an accident with a negligent 18 wheeler or other commercial truck, you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages as well as pain and suffering. Our Columbia injury lawyers will work hard to secure compensation from those liable for your accident. Contact Proffitt & Cox, LLP today by calling our local South Carolina phone number at (803) 834-7097 or toll free at (877) 276-0533 for a free consultation. You can also fill out and submit the contact form located on our site.