What Can We Do to Prevent South Carolina Truck Accidents?

Our South Carolina Injury Attorneys Discuss the Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act

Tractor-Trailer AccidentIn addition to truck driver negligence or error, many factors can lead to individuals suffering catastrophic injuries or wrongful deaths in trucking accidents. The Truck Safety Coalition (TSC) recently met with the survivors of serious truck crashes and the families of those wrongfully killed in trucking accidents for the annual Sorrow to Strength conference hosted in Washington, D.C.

This four-day-long event included meetings with officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Congress members. They met to discuss the TSC’s support of a bill aiming to regulate the loads amounts truck drivers can legally transport as well as enacting other preventative safety measures.

What is the Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act?

The Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act, also known as SHIPA, is a bill that would freeze the current truck size and weight limits from the federal government, in addition to addressing the current loopholes that currently allow truck drivers and trucking companies to operate overweight trucks. It would also establish a program that enforces trucks to adhere to the limits, which would help ensure that the law holds those found in violation of the bill accountable for their actions.

The Devastating Effects of Fatal Trucking Accidents

One of the people in attendance who showed her support of SHIPA was a woman from South Carolina. Pina Arrington, from Goose Creek, lost her husband in a 2012 fatal semi truck accident. The accident occurred when a truck driver attempted to turn right and crossed two lanes of traffic, ultimately hitting and killing her husband.

At the Sorrow to Strength conference, Arrington stated that the involvement of her husband in the trucking accident was the result of the trucking industry valuing their profit over enforcing adequate safety measures. She said that adding more weight and increasing the size of the trucks, which the SHIPA bill hopes to prevent, “will only result in greater loss of life.”

Columbia Injury Attorneys Seek Compensation for Truck Accident Victims

The South Carolina injury lawyers of Proffitt & Cox, LLP understand what it takes to go up against trucking companies when their drivers act negligently in the events leading up to catastrophic trucking accidents. This includes our work gaining the surviving family members who lost six loved ones in a semi truck accident a $10,250,000 recovery for their pain and suffering.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a serious truck accident, contact the Columbia injury lawyers today to learn more about your ability to recover compensation during a free consultation of your case. You can call the firm at (803) 834-7097 or toll free at (877) 276-0533.

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