What Plagues South Carolina Hospitals?

The current conditions at the Dorn VA Medical Center are indicative of the larger problems faced by primary care facilities across South Carolina, according to a report by the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General. The report detailed serious staff shortages among surgeons and nurses and a series of related health and safety failures. In the past three years, Dorn has had five different directors. As such, consistent and dedicated leadership will be necessary before further changes can be made to Dorn’s policies.

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According to the report, the surgery schedules were fraught with “communication deficits and dysfunctional surgical processes that contributed to surgical case delays.” In addition, Dorn has one of the worst infection rates in the nation. Furthermore, surgical equipment was often used on multiple patients without sanitation. The chairman of House Veterans’ Affairs committee said, “[t]his isn’t a money problem. It’s a management problem.”

Given the decreasing rates of medical students studying primary care, those that are currently working at Dorn deserve respect for choosing the medical path that South Carolina needs more of. State financial incentives for students that focus on primary care could go a long way towards reducing the scarcity of primary care physicians. Until then, hospital infection and injury rates will likely remain high.

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