When Will The South Carolina Healthcare System Improve?

One of the main issues with the South Carolina healthcare system is a scarcity of primary care physicians, family doctors, pediatricians and general surgeons. There are high numbers of South Carolinians without health insurance that end up in understaffed primary care facilities. Due to the scarcity, primary care physicians are overworked and liable to make medical errors. Unfortunately, more and more medical students are opting to become medical specialists instead of primary care doctors. As such, the South Carolina healthcare system will likely remain systematically understaffed for years to come.

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According to a recent report by The Post and Carrier, at the Medical University of South Carolina, 803 medical school residencies were occupied by future specialists and only 582 by future primary care physicians. The cause of the disparity is clearly economic. The average South Carolina medical school student graduates with $192,073 in debt. Specialist surgeons make an average of $405,000 a year, so they are capable of paying off the immense debt. However, primary care physicians earn considerably less, so medical students are discouraged from pursuing what the state needs most. Until systematic changes are made, overworked and understaffed primary care facilities will remain a breeding ground for medical malpractice.

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Source: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20140218/PC16/140219352/1005/report-sc-needs-more-primary-care-doctors

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