Why Does SC Have Such A High C-Section Rate?

South Carolina’s C-section rate is above the national average because healthcare providers feel that there is less likelihood of complications that would result in a medical malpractice lawsuit. In May of 2013, Spartanburg Regional Hospital was sued for $2.5 million for birth complications taking place nearly ten years ago. The president of the South Carolina Obstetrical and Gynecological Society said, “[w]e all believe that the C-section rate is probably tied to malpractice.”

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While C-sections may result in less costly medical malpractice suits, they cost the hospital nearly twice as much as a natural birth. The Director of Medicaid is trying to save $100 million next year and will begin to fine hospitals whose C-section rates are too far above the average. He said, “excess C-sections are driving excess costs…and excess poor outcomes.” In other words, the surgery is not necessarily safer than a natural birth, but “the medical community has…taken this major abdominal surgery and downplayed the complications that come from it,” said an analyst at Roper St. Francis.

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