Why Was South Carolina Ranked Among the Nation’s Worst in Emergency Health Care?

Our Columbia Injury Attorneys Examine the Problems

Doctor and patientIn terms of access to health care, public health and disaster preparedness, South Carolina now ranks among the worst states in the country. According to the report by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), South Carolina had failing grades in many aspects of emergency care. The state received a grade of D+ and overall has worsened since the last time the study was conducted. Many people may be at risk for severe injury or medical malpractice in these conditions.

Why did South Carolina Rank Poorly in Emergency Health Care?

South Carolina received failing grades in three areas:

  • Access to Emergency Care – The report states that numerous factors limit patient access to emergency care. Nearly one in five adults in South Carolina is uninsured, and almost 20 percent of children are underinsured. Additionally, very few physicians in the state accept Medicaid.
  • Disaster Preparedness – According to the report, South Carolina does not have appropriate policies, resources and hospital capacity for a disaster or other event that causes injuries to numerous people. In the event of a disaster, this may cause patients to receive inferior care or no care at all.
  • Public Health and Injury Prevention – South Carolina ranks last in the nation in terms of public health and injury prevention. The state has one of the highest rates of traffic fatalities, bicyclist fatalities and pedestrian fatalities. The state’s lack of bans on texting and cell phone use also played a role in the ACEP’s grade.

The ACEP recommends that South Carolina reduce financial barriers to health care and address its shortage of emergency physicians, neurosurgeons, orthopedists and other medical professionals. The organization also states that South Carolina must try to eliminate its high rates of traffic fatalities and infant mortality.

Despite this, South Carolina scored well in terms of quality and patient safety. The state has funding for improving its emergency medical services (EMS) system, electronic medical records and other ways to organize information, which could lower the instances of medical malpractice.

Where Can I Find an Injury Lawyer in South Carolina?

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