When a Car or Motorcycle Accident Claim Exceeds Insurance Limits: Understanding Your Options

Accidents are unfortunate events that can have significant financial repercussions, especially when the costs exceed the insurance limits. Understanding what to do when a car or motorcycle accident claim surpasses the insurance coverage is crucial for protecting your financial well-being and getting back on your motorcycle. Understanding Insurance Limits in South Carolina In South Carolina, […]

South Carolina Motorcycle Laws and Safety: A Comprehensive Guide

The allure of the open road calls, and for those drawn to two-wheeled transport, knowledge is as essential as the gas in your tank. South Carolina’s balmy climate and scenic routes are a motorcyclist’s dream, yet the state’s laws and safety regulations provide guidelines for safe biker bliss, and perhaps more importantly, fewer biker tickets. […]

Navigating the Legal Terrain of Semi-Truck Accidents: Federal Perspective & Corporate Veils

In order to fully understand what happens after a semi-truck accident in South Carolina, you need to know how federal rules and state laws affect the specifics of each case. These accidents are not just physically devastating but also present intricate legal challenges. Finding justice and money for victims requires professional legal help, especially when […]

Exploring the South Carolina FR-10 Form: A Guide for After Your Car Accident

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident in South Carolina involves more than just addressing physical injuries and vehicle damages. Victims find themselves submerged in paperwork ranging from police reports to insurance claims, medical documents, repair estimates, and an overwhelming amount of bills. Among these documents, the South Carolina FR-10 form stands out as a […]

5 New Years Resolutions For South Carolina Drivers in 2024

5 New Years Resolutions For South Carolina Drivers in 2024 As you embark on a new year behind the wheel, it’s time to buckle up and steer your driving habits in the right direction. But where do you start? Well, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll unveil five essential resolutions specifically tailored for […]

The Widowmaker Tree: A Legal Analysis of South Carolina’s Liability Laws

Legal Tangle and Heartache on James Island: Unraveling the Aftermath of a Deadly Crash – Explore the legal intricacies and community shock following a fatal accident involving the infamous ‘Widowmaker’ tree on Riverland Drive. Delve into South Carolina’s legal precedents, liability challenges, and the vital role of experienced legal counsel in seeking justice and preventing future tragedies.

What are Loss of Consortium Damages?

What are Loss of Consortium Damages? How do you put a price tag on the loss of affection? It’s impossible, really. And yet, we have to try. When an accident or the negligence of another person deprives your family of what’s most important in life – affection, quality time, and the expression of love – […]

Justice For Displaced Tenants: Taking On Columbia Housing Authority

Allen Benedict Court apartments lawsuit

UPDATE: As mentioned in The State, the Proffitt & Cox, LLP law firm is currently gathering individual claims to be filed against the Columbia Housing Authority and several dozen former residents have already joined their fight against CHA. Imagine being suddenly forced out of your home due to safety concerns, finding yourself burdened with escalating rental […]