Woman injured by defective vaping device sues retailer and distributor

Proffitt & Cox recently represented a woman who was severely injured by a vaping device. After buying the device at a vape shop in an effort to stop smoking cigarettes, she took it home and used it once. The next time the woman used it, the device popped loudly and caused superheated liquid to shoot into her face and mouth, burning her badly.

The woman returned the defective device to the store and told the clerk what had happened. The clerk pushed the button on the device and – just as it had done when the customer used it – the device popped loudly enough to cause the clerk’s ears to ring and liquid was improperly discharged from it.

The woman suffered recurring blisters and pain in her mouth for an extended period. She sought medical treatment, but doctors could provide only medications to relieve the symptoms but not end the ongoing problems.

With Proffitt & Cox’s help, the woman sued the retail vape shop and the device distributor, and obtained a substantial settlement.

Proffitt & Cox Team